Congenital Zika Syndrome | Ocular Abnormalities

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator 

Clients:Kate Klein, American Academy of Pediatrics & Dr. Marcia Tartarella, Sociedade Brasileira de Oftalmologia Pediatrica (SBOP) President

Audience: Healthcare practitioners 

Purpose: Zika is most readily associated with microcephaly. Congenital ocular abnormalities are not usually associated with Zika virus; however, growing research reveals infants with or without microcephaly may experience ocular abnormalities and vision impairment. It is important that the first ophthalmological examination is performed within 30 days of birth. To associate Zika with ocular abnormalities, I wanted to focus the viewer to the infant’s eye using contrast and color to show how the Zika virus causes macular scarring, mottling, and unique chorioretinal atrophy. The primary audience for my assignment is healthcare practitioners, specifically pediatricians and ophthalmologists. Originally, I only had the abnormal view of the fundus. It was necessary to illustrate the normal and abnormal view of the fundus for practitioners that do not routinely view the fundus. I visualized accurately the possible damage to the funds by combining visual references with recent scientific research and working closely with Dr. Tartarella.


Research & Sketches

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Layout & Color Compositions

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